Personal development

Personal growth involves constantly striving to improve ourselves.

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Goals, plans, and actions oriented towards reaching goals:

  • self-discovery;
  • building or renewing identity;
  • developing skills and talents;
  • identifying and enhancing potential;
  • improving the quality of life;
  • achieving dreams;
  • fulfilment of expectations.

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Personal development has become somewhat synonymous with the science of success.

The fundamental domains of personal growth encompass:

  • management of time;
  • goal setting;
  • identifying values and beliefs;
  • changing habits;
  • motivation;
  • improving self-knowledge;
  • developing talents.

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Personal development programmes aim to increase the quality of life.

The following are targeted:

  • increasing self-awareness;
  • crystallisation of self-identity;
  • development of one’s potential and skills;
  • fulfilment of personal aspirations;
  • optimising social and professional integration;
  • definition of values, priorities and lifestyle;
  • acquiring a broader vision of life.

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Personal development is a process of moving from your current state to the better state you want.

Personal development is about:

  • Communication skills;
  • Competencies;
  • Professional expertise;
  • Information needed for your health;
  • Attitudes and emotions.

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Counselling is a process of providing assistance to mentally healthy people!
The personal development counselor does NOT treat, NOT make diagnoses, NOT give advice, NOT make anamnesis.
The personal development counselor is NOT a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

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